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Personalized Services

Cremation Center of Birmingham Personalized Services

Cremation Ashes Release packages in all their favorite places, includes video…
Beach / Gulf Shores Release - Great Smokey Mountains Release
Talladega Raceway Release - University of Alabama Football release
Auburn University Football release

(with any necessary permission, call us for package details.)

The Cremation Center of Birmingham offers more ways to show love & celebrate a life lived, than any other funeral home in Alabama. There are so many special ways to say “Farewell, until we meet again…” that will be more personal to the family. Here are just some of the ways we can help “Make Memories…”

The Cremation Center of Birmingham can help you to “free their spirit” in so many different ways, cremation ashes can…

Be Fireworks! Your family can have fireworks that include the cremation ashes, as a special celebration of a life well lived… perfect to share with all family members, especially Grandchildren.

Rebuild the Coral Reefs – we can help you to use cremation ashes to become a much needed part of the coral reefs and let life continue in a real and meaningful way.

A lasting trip to the woods with family or friends, we can help have cremation ashes made into working Bullets. Many would like to think of themselves in their favorite hunting spot and setting their spirit free in this way

Hand blown Glass ornaments or keepsakes that includes cremation ashes will bring fond memories to family every year…

A perfect forever memorial, cremation ashes used in hand made Pottery.

Cremation ashes turned into a Diamond to be cherished for generations to come...

Living Trees with cremation ashes insure that the memories of a “life well lived” lives on forever.